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My name is Lukas Bachschwell and I’m from Austria.


“Lukas is a person with many hobbies”, one of my ex-teachers said once, and I think she was quite right. I love photography, filming and graphic design, and I’m also interested in electronic stuff, microcontrollers and programming. With this website I want to show you a lot of my projects I’m working on everyday, because sharing is the best thing to do with this stuff.


If you got any ideas, questions, or anything else feel free to ask in the comments or write me an email.

If you need a webmaster, wordpressgenie or server administrator I can help you out, just contact me.




My email-Address: lukas@lbsfilm.at
(PGP Fingerprint: 6B54 1CA5 B90B 4D3F E042  D09B CCC6 AA87 CC8D F425)

If you found any of my tipps useful or want to buy me a coffee anyway, you can do so her:

Milestone 2015: I graduated from High School!!! I am currently studying Media Technologie in St. Pölten’s University of Applied Sciences!


Dieser Inhalt ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar