YOTA – Youngsters on the Air in Austria

21 August 2016

In the first week of August 2016 the IARU‘s Youth Event YOTA came to Wagrain in Austria organized by OEVSV.

YOTA is a youth camp for ham radio enthusiasts. There were a lot of activities including SummitsOnTheAir, a trip to the worlds largest ice cave and Hohenwerfen castle, lots of workshops about digital voice, wspr, LTE, antenna building and even a contact to the International Space Station.

During the whole week our station OE2YOTA (special call sign) was on air with a 40m antenna tower (Thanks to DP6T) and we made over 7500 QSO’s

My family and me were part of the staff team and we contributed the official Yota Newsflash, a short newsclip with each day’s activities, filmed, edited and published every day. My father and me also held two of the workshops: one for building a High-Z HF Antenna and one for building and configuring a raspberry pi WSPR Beacon.

During the week I met a lot of incredible new friends and we all had a great time.

So as hams say: 73 de OE1LBS

Here are my slides of the WSPR Workshop

And here is an example newsflash (Check out all of them on vimeo.com/channels/yota2016):

(embed: https://vimeo.com/175276493)