I am Lukas Bachschwell, a freelancing software developer based in Vienna.

My current work focuses on broadcast cameras and their control systems, but I also do web application development and embedded development. While I am not working on code you can usually find me with a camera, filming events, making small image videos or just going on a photo trip. I also spend a lot of time tinkering on different kinds of microprocessor projects.
On this website you can see a selection of my work.

If you got any ideas, questions, or anything else feel free to drop me an email anytime.
If you have an interesting project in my fields in need of help, just contact me as well.


My email-Address: lukas@lbsfilm.at
(PGP Fingerprint: 6B54 1CA5 B90B 4D3F E042 D09B CCC6 AA87 CC8D F425)

If you found any of my tips useful or want to buy me a coffee anyway, you can do so her:
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Milestone 2020: Finished my Master's degree at St. Pölten’s University of Applied Sciences, founded my own company LBSFilm and focusing on developing broadcast soft- and hardware

Milestone 2018: Bachelor of Science in Media Technology, starting my Masters focusing on Industrie 4.0 in St. Pölten’s University of Applied Sciences

Milestone 2015: Graduation from high school