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Seafrogs Underwater Housing for the Sony a6500 Camera

I recently acquired a great underwater housing for my Sony a6500 Camera from china by a company called Seafrogs My need for a proper underwater housing came from our holidays in Sri Lanka this year where we went diving a lot. I only had my GoPro with me which unfortunatly ... read more

Officially a Bachelor now!

I FINISHED MY STUDIES!!!! At least my Bachelor (undergraduate). I started to study in the field of media technology at UAV ST. Pölten in 2015 and now finished my degree. I am now a Bachelor of Science or short BSc My master studies in Industry 4.0 in St. Pölten has al... read more

Finding just the right CMS

The challenge of finding a good CMS turned out much much bigger than I thought. After searching through countless CMS systems I finally found my new favorite: Kirby CMS But first let me just quickly recap what systems I tested: Grav CMS Apostrophe CMS Ghost Pagekit Craft CMS Netlify Neos ... read more

European Project Semester in Valencia

I started a Semester in Valencia at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia I will be doing the European Project Semester here as my fifth semester in UAV St. Pölten You can follow my adventures and studies on my blog: valencia.lbsfilm.at See you there or back in Austria i... read more

Serial Protocols for Camera Control – My first Bachelor Research Paper

For my studies at UAV St. Pölten I had to do my first Bachelor Research Paper Since I was playing around and experimenting with Sony LanC I thought it would be really cool to figure out how RC-V100 works. RC-V100 is a control panel by Canon for their C s... read more