Here you can check out my newest activities

Eye Surgery

I had 2 eye operations in the last time because of a so called optical disk pit in my right eye I got the video of the second one and since I’m currently hanging face down over my laptop I’ve added some voiceovers to explain the whole thing =D read more

Psychology in Cinema - My “prescientific” Work for my Highschool graduation

This year I finally graduated from High School. Our government is currently trying to make the education system “better” by making the “Matura”, the final exam more centralized and generally different. One of the new things introduced is a so-called “Pre-scientific-work” (“Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit” in german). This is a 40 to 60 thousand characters paper... read more

Sony PXW-X70 and the LanC protocol

For our wireless Camera Control System I took a closer look at its implementation in Sony’s PXW-X70 Camcorder. The most probably best documentation on the protocol can be found here. It is a active-high OneWire-Bus system with 9600 Baud RS232 timing. There are several blog posts and tutorials for Arduino ba... read more

Technician at the campus radio station

Since January 2016 I am officially technical assistant at the Campus & City Radio St. Pölten Cr 94.4 ! More on the Station and our official live stream are on the official website   read more

DJI Osmo external mic problems

The DJI Osmo is a seriously great tool, but it has some major audio issues… When first I tried to hook up a external Microphone to it I noticed a crazy beep anoying sound on the recordings. So I took the file and feed it through a spectrum analyser and in... read more