Seafrogs Underwater Housing for the Sony a6500 Camera

19 September 2018

I recently acquired a great underwater housing for my Sony a6500 Camera from china by a company called (link: text: Seafrogs) My need for a proper underwater housing came from our holidays in Sri Lanka this year where we went diving a lot. I only had my GoPro with me which unfortunatly had no display on the back. And since I really like my Sony I checked out some housings online. Several of these are available but most of them are very custom made and cost around 1000€ to 3000€. Then I found (link: h(link: text: SeaFrogs)ttps:// text: SeaFrogs), a Chinese company that mainly sells surf and underwater housings for mirror less cameras. The housing for my Sony costs about 300$ and made a good impression. (gallery: seafrogs1.jpg) After waiting for the customs to finally forward my delivery I was very happy to unbox a qualitative underwater housing with really ALL buttons on the camera exposed and controllable. I quickly found out that my Sony 16-70mm lens does also fit the housing, although you can not use the zoom. So I used the Sony 16-50. Using the right rubber part it is easy to control the zoom through the housing. The seals looked trustworthy and there is a humidity alarm inside the housing so I gave it a try in the pool and I was not disappointed. Some weeks later we did a dive with it during our **Advanced Open Water Course** in the **Neufeldersee** near Vienna and I had a lot of fun chasing fish, check out some of my pictures here: (gallery: fishweb_1.jpg fishweb_2.jpg fishweb_3.jpg fishweb_4.jpg fishweb_5.jpg fishweb_6.jpg fishweb_7.jpg fishweb_8.jpg fishweb_9.jpg fishweb_10.jpg)