Finding just the right CMS

23 June 2018

The challenge of finding a good CMS turned out much much bigger than I thought.

After searching through countless CMS systems I finally found my new favorite: Kirby CMS

But first let me just quickly recap what systems I tested:

  • Grav CMS
  • Apostrophe CMS
  • Ghost
  • Pagekit
  • Craft CMS
  • Netlify
  • Neos
  • DjangoCMS
  • AbeCMS

This has been a funny journey with way to many new subdomains on my Server.

The most important points I always wanted to have in a CMS always where:

  • Multi language support
  • clutterfree backend
  • markdown support
  • ajax focused backend

Kirby successfully managed to impress me with its simplicity and by fulfilling all of the points. I also think that using kirby webdevelopers can build way more user friendly solutions for their customers as opposed to for example wordpress. Did I mention yet that it is a static file cms?
But before I elaborate too long about it why not go ahead and check it out yourself?