The portable Workbench

22 March 2013

The portable Workbench is a workbench that folds together to a suitcase. The original Idea is from the Ben Heck show. (I also used Ben’s plans which you can find here).

When I first saw Ben Heck's Video of the Portable Workbench I was very impressed. I had a similar Idea some time before but I didn’t knew how to put all my tools into just 1 suitcase. Ben kind of offered me the best solution so I started to print out his plans onto 50 pieces of paper (A4). (On that day my cat fell into the pool and sat down on the plans afterwards so it was really a lot of work =D) Than I glued them on two 1 square meter wooden plates and cut them out. After screwing everything together it took me about two hours to correct all mistakes and make the mechanism work perfectly. The whole project took me just one week, including buying all the tools, which was extremely fast.

After all the workbench is one of my most useful tools now. I took it with me on many holidays and it was always great to have my whole workshop with me =D

Here are some photos: