Robokits for education - My Semester in Valencia

01 March 2018

For our EPS project we had to develop an educational robot kit, complete with designs and software.

(This is a summary of the posts from my Valencia blog, see here)

European Project Semester is a program offered by 18 European universities in 12 countries throughout Europe, created with engineering students in mind, but other students who can participate in an engineering project are also welcome. In my university we have to have a project semester anyway, so the EPS was the perfect fit. additionally I wanted to go to Spain anyway for some time since I learned a bit of Spanish at school.

After arriving and learning about the potential projects we could work on I joined the robotics team. Together we should design a "walking" robot that can be built and programmed in school workshops. It was important for the programming to be simple and compatible with the Facilino system, a Arduino based block programming tool, powered by Google Blockly.

I spent 4 months in spain and together with Lars, Anja, Maxim, Joran, Willem and our Supervisor Leopoldo we managed to deliver not one, but two robotics kits, tested them with some kids at a local school and I wrote tons of software to help with programming them.

The biggest outcome was the ESPUI Arduino library, that enables even beginners to setup a webinterface using an ESP8266 or ESP32 chip. This can be used to control for example a robot, and was a important part of the project in Valencia.

Here is the GitHub link to the Library that I am still updating every now and then.

I could now move on and write about the entire process again, but we also made a video for our final presentation, featuring a voice over from my Father, that includes all infos check it out !
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