Uniscore - a funny Scoreboard

11 April 2017

UniScore is a simple Scoreboard I built for my scoutgroup

For one of our parties we needed a way to display the progress of an ongoing tournament. Since I was already involved, setting up the shmile Photobooth and my nodeMessageBoard I accepted the challenge of quickly building a simple scoreboard. After some research I found jQueryBracket, a cool little jQuery plugin that can generate tournament brackets. To make my app as simple as possible I used Expressjs + Handlebar Templates, the almighty socketIO and lowdb.

To control the system you can login into an admin Interface and set the teams and their score by clicking on the bracket. Once set they are immediatly synced to all frontend clients (so you can easily have a lot of screens) and the database. If the server crashes the state is preserved in the db, so it can easily be restarted.

That’s about it!, It could still need some more styling and other features, but for now it works, code is on my own gitea instance

If you found this useful, buy me a beer 🙂

The main view
The Admin Interface